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Evan Bates

Burris puts great care into each individual lash, making sure each is placed perfectly to produce a beautiful and voluminous set. She has been running her lash business for about a year and a half.

Finding satisfactory cosmetology services can be challenging in a college town, but to one student athlete, your “Eyelashes Matter.”

Hassani Burris is a certified lash technician and senior healthcare management major. She manages her own lash business as a full-time student, athlete and vice president of the Black Athlete Association. 

Burris started her business, Eyelashes Matter, over a year ago and named it after the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“Around the time I established the name of my business, a lot of police violence and crazy things in general in my hometown against Black folks was unfolding, and all I ever saw was Black Lives Matter. So, just by those sayings constantly running through my head, I came up with the name Eyelashes Matter,” Burris said. “Behind that name stands a strong Black woman who is just trying to stay on the right track and by any means make my family proud.” 

Balancing extracurriculars and school is a challenge in itself, and Burris said owning a small business on top of that requires another level of organization.  

“I’m a senior this year and a healthcare management major taking 18 credit hours so I can graduate on time and an athlete on top of all that,” Burris said. 

Burris manages her time by making her schedule on Sunday nights and releasing it for her customers to see. This way, she can prioritize her schoolwork while also working up to 10 appointments each week. 

Recently, Burris took a short break to focus on her mental health and well-being before returning to her work. 

“It’s very important to take your mental health seriously because if you don’t sit down and get it together, your body will sit itself down for you,” Burris said.

Beauty and business have always run in the family of the track star. From a young age, Burris would watch her mom do her neighbors’ hair, and she fell in love with the process.

Burris’ efficient use of space in her studio apartment makes for a professional and relaxing atmosphere, putting her customers at ease while being able to …….


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