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If you want to spice up your typical beauty routine with something head-scratching, earth-shattering, or potentially dangerous, TikTok always has your back. The latest one making the rounds involves applying eight dots of eyeliner around your eyes. Why? Apparently it hypnotizes men to fall in love with you. If that is your thing.

It’s been referred to as “#whitedots,” “the four eye dot trick,” “four dots trick,” “the white dot method,” “white eyeliner dots,” “four dots eye thing,” and “4 dot hypnotic thingy.”

The trend has picked up steam thanks to Michelle Diaz, a TikTok creator who regularly sports white dots of eyeliner around her eyes while doling out dating, love, and relationship advice, including “tips that make men crazy for us,” a category under which this very eyeliner hack falls. Diaz claims that simply encasing your eyeballs with four strategically placed white dots “is going to make him fall in love,” whoever “him” is to you.

How do I do it?
Apply your makeup like you usually would. Then, take a white liquid liner, look straight ahead in the mirror, and gently dab on the following dots around each eye: one at the inner corner, one at the outer corner, one somewhere between your eyelid and eyebrow, and one below your lower lash line, in the under-eye area. Use your pupils as a guide to align the height of the corner dots and to center the placement of the top and bottom dots.

Does it work?
It’s probably a no. Does that make it less fun? Also no. According to Diaz’s Instagram DMs and TikTok replies, it does. “This man was like I can’t stop looking at you,” one follower recapped with the ROFL emoji, while another reported, “I DID THIS TONIGHT AND I KID YOU NOT EVERY GUY THAT CAME UP TO ME COULDN’…….


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