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When making the transition from home to college, it can be difficult for college-aged women to find a make-up artist or hairstylist they can trust to achieve some of their signature styles. Similar to college men and their barbers, once they find that one, they don’t look back.

Aced by Nae originated in Atlanta, Georgia through the mind of N.C. A&T senior psychology student Janae Baker. Her business offers hair extension services specializing in wigs and make-up application for the everyday girl that can appreciate some extra glam in her life from time to time.

Baker’s interest in make-up and hair began by doing her own. While perfecting her craft on herself, she began to notice she had a true niche for all things hair and make-up. One of Baker’s main goals is to enhance the beauty her clients already possess.

On the path to providing her clients with the best of the best, Baker saw value in educating herself on her interests. This value led her to taking a professional class in both. While participating in these classes she learned different elements that she can apply to her technique. Her classes also emphasized the importance of marketing.

“Even if you have good marketing, if you aren’t marketing a product that they want or that your clients are interested in, you’re still not going to be able to make sales or get bookings,” Baker said.

The A&T Register caught up with Baker to learn more about the ins and outs of Aced by Nae.

Who is the typical “Aced by Nae” girl?

Janae: “She is definitely a college girl. We want to be economical and still give a quality product at the same time. So, I do focus a lot on being able to provide quality hair, quality bundles, nice construction and makeup application. A little different than your everyday girl because we still like to do it big.”

How do you feel when your client is overjoyed by their experience with you?

Janae: “It’s really exciting for me because I know there’s been a lot of times a lot of people have booked me for a special occasion. I might be doing their makeup for their graduation shoot or they might book me for their birthday, so it’s always so …….

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