The Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week: Breanna Box, Marina Diamandis, and More – Vogue

Now that Halloween’s over and masks have been stowed away, we’re ready to get back to showing who we really are. From dramatic eyes to perfect pouts, this week’s best beauty Instagrams were all about serving face. 

In New York City, model and artist Breanna Box looked ever serene. Her defined brows and nude pout were framed by sleek burgundy strands as she shared her latest glass work to a growing fanbase. Elsewhere, singer Marina Diamandis wore a fresh complexion and flexed her toned muscles while training and teasing details for her upcoming tour. Embracing “fits and feelings,” Raveena cut bangs on a whim and wore groovy face flowers. Then, London-based model and entrepreneur Leomie Anderson showed off the latest from her female-powered clothing brand LAPP while wearing the fluffiest set of lashes and a divine cream blush. Scroll on to see more of the best beauty Instagrams for this week.


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